Support is needed when families go through life altering experiences due to a loved one being incarncerated. Even in the “best” of families, it can happen. A loved one is at the wrong place at the wrong time, makes a bad decision, or just breaks the law and becomes incarcerated. Knowing that your spouse, child, sibling or other loved one is in jail or prison for any length of time can be hard to handle.
Families that are dealing with the residue of trying to explain to a child where the absent parent is, trips back and forth visting your loved one, squeezing out much needed income from your household to send so that they may have the bare necessities, can be quite overwhelming.
However, that person is still who they are: a living breathing human being that you love and care for. That’s where we come, to aide families by connecting them to proper resources within the church and community that will enable them to have a successful transition to these life altering experiences.