Men Empowerment program is a group of men that meet with men from all background such as prison, shelters, without jobs or in a new town trying to find their way. We meet in a relaxed non-traditional setting. Men are invited to share their story with the group (only if the feel to do so).
Our topics deal with hurt, anger, disappointment in self and others, guilt or what we feel the group of men need for that day. We discuss transition, the reason(s) as to how they got where they are so it’s not repeated.

Our goal

It is our goal to strengthen the brothers and encourage them which enables them to look within themselves. To let them know it’s never too late to start over and they can get up from where they are. Our aim is that through this program it will allow them to return to their families whole and complete.
To have them recognize what bought them to the place they are. To encourage them and thus able them to understand they are the head not the tail , above and not beneath, letting the men know they can get up from whatever life has thrown them.

Time and location of Meetings

We meet every Monday and Tuesday of the week at the church.
8:30-9:30 coffee, tea, donuts will be served.

Some Testimonies

*I was release from prison and homeless through this program in three months I was working, had a place to live
*I had a strong alcohol problem had gone to many sober houses but coming to these meeting has help me to get a handle on my drinking, get a temporary job, have hope and move forward.
*I spent years in prison but through men empowerment I have been able to stay focus lead the group and move forward.