“It Takes A Whole Village To Raise A Child”

Here at Christian Community Outreach Church we are the village, our primary goal is to cultivate the spiritual needs of the youth today by applying the word of God. We encourage young people who profess a faith to learn more about it and become more involved in their spiritual life, through mentoring and by teaching them to use biblical principles in everyday life situations. This will assure that our vision will be carried out in to the future of our communities.
Every 3rd Sunday of each month our Pastor encourages “Youth Sunday” where youth have been trained in many aspects of the service and participate. Our Youth will be leading praise and worship, doing the word study, announcements and taking up of the offerring. Rest assure that you will also be blessed by our praise dancers and youth choir.
We strive to engage in healthy spiritual and recreational activities for the common good of the young people such as bowling, shopping trips, spiritual workshops, movie nights, shut-ins along with our annual ‘Youth Summit”. By doing so, this allows them to have a balanced life.
We encourage you to visit any “Youth Sunday” to experience the presence and move of God in the lives of our youth.